How to Bring Good Luck in Business

Beth’s “Lottery Ticket” Approach to Boosting Your Business Luck I have always been fascinated by the concept of “luck”. Are people truly lucky? Can you make your own luck? Does luck play a role in success – and if so, how much? Experience has taught me that good luck and timing can be important factors [...]

When to Outsource Work

You did it. You started your own business and you are killing it! If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you may gradually start to find that there aren’t enough hours in the day. You’re wearing too many hats, putting in way too many hours, and missing time with family or friends. It may be time to [...]

Setting Business Goals for 2020

If you cringe at the thought of setting business goals for 2020, you’re not alone. Countless entrepreneurs struggle to define the future direction of their brands or businesses. Some have good intentions, but barely have a moment to think amid the obligations and stress of keeping their operation afloat. For others, strategic planning simply isn’t [...]