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Business Coaching for Growing Businesses

You know that to be wildly successful you need to take your business to the next level. There’s just one problem: you have no idea what to focus on first.

Expanding prematurely is one of the most common reasons businesses perform poorly.

Entrepreneurs get ahead of themselves by expanding their team, product line or customer acquisition strategy before they have a solid foundation in place. I work with successful businesses to identify and address the issues they need to tackle in order to be grow proactively, not reactively. Common issues for evolving businesses include:

  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Accessing Capital/Financing

  • Increasing Profitability

  • Developing Sales & Marketing Strategies

  • Hiring/Managing Employees

  • Understanding Metrics/Key Performance Indicators

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Growth-minded entrepreneurs need a clear vision of the ultimate goal for their business.

I partner with clients to help them determine their destination. Then we develop growth targets, an expansion strategy – and concrete actions to get there.

My coaching process works like this:

  • We’ll set specific goals based on solid numbers and clear business objectives – because going with your gut isn’t going to cut it anymore.

  • We’ll take an honest look at your skills and abilities and those of your team. Figure out what’s missing. And how best to fill the gaps.

  • We’ll plan ways to streamline your operations to improve organization, productivity and profitability. And determine how to access funding from banks or other financing sources to help you keep pace with your growth.

  • We’ll review your progress regularly and assess what’s working and what’s not. So you can build on the successes and pivot as needed.

It is essential to have the right systems, staff, technology, partners and financing in place to support steady, sustainable growth.

As your on-call COO/CFO, I collaborate with you and your team to create the focus, gather the resources and put the processes in motion so you can feel good about where your business is – and where you’re going to take it.


Beth Donalds, MBA, CPA, is a veteran finance and operations professional whose practical approach to problem solving and putting fundamentals into practice has helped countless entrepreneurs and business owners translate their vision for success into a reality.

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