Overwhelmed with the Accounting and Administrative Details Required to Successfully Run Your Business?

Let an Experienced Business Consultant Provide the Finance and Operations Experience You Need and Give You Back Your Most Precious Commodity: Time

Business consulting with The Business Doctor

Running a business takes many skill sets, and entrepreneurs and small business owners are famous for trying to do it all. To truly succeed, you need to invest your time and energy in areas where you have the most impact, and delegate the rest.

Often, however, the delegation becomes as stressful as the juggling. How do you tap the resources you need – the people, the processes, the finances – to get the work done? Who will put in place and monitor the daily, weekly, and monthly accountability measures to keep you on track to achieving your most important goals? How will I pay for a full-time COO and/or CFO to handle this for me?

When hiring the professional expertise you need on a full-time basis is “not in the budget,” it’s time to consider outsourcing these duties to a business consultant to act as your part-time COO and CFO. It’s time to utilize my 30+ years of finance and operations experience to develop and grow your business.

As your part-time or interim COO or CFO, I provide the experience and leadership you need for a fraction of the cost – and give you back your most precious commodity: time.

Part-Time and Interim COO Services

As your part-time or interim Chief Operating Officer (COO), I worry about your operations so you don't have to. Whether you are looking to delegate the day-to-day functions to someone you trust and can rely on so you can focus on marketing, sales growth, and increasing profits, or recognize that it’s time to go to another level, but don’t know what that means or how to get there, I will provide the skills, experience and leadership you need to take your business to the next level.

I focus on mapping out the tactical steps and managing your internal operations, tools, and processes. I work with you to leverage the talents and maximize the performance of your team, and advise you on management best practices to support your business goals. I also serve as a sounding board and brainstorming partner to help you continually develop your business.

On-Demand COO Services Include:

An on-demand COO is a valuable asset that grows with your business. I am a constant in the ever changing, day-to-day of your business. Someone you can count on to provide sound advice and ongoing expertise and support.

In other words – I’ve always got your back.

Part-Time and Interim CFO Services

Entrepreneurs can spend as much as 70% of their day involved in finance and accounting-related functions. This leaves little time for developing products or services, winning new business and servicing customers.

Smart business owners recognize that a cost-effective solution to this dilemma is to hire a part time or interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

As your on-demand CFO, I do far more than manage your cash flow or prepare financial statements. I am a trusted confidant, a strategic partner, and someone who will share their knowledge and experience to help you meet the challenges of growing and elevating your business.

On-Demand CFO Services Include:

Just think of what you’ll do with your newfound time by hiring an experienced business consultant. Ready to get started?

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