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How a Business Coach Can Help Your Mahwah Small Business Succeed

Business Doctor of New JerseyWhile trying to establish, run, and build your Mahwah small business, it can be easy to forget the difference between cash and profit. Cash is the money you have at the moment — and the money you likely had to spend to start your business — but profit is the money your company generates after taking out all your expenses. Your profit depends on how you wisely spend your cash. As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money, and working with The Business Doctor can be the most beneficial dollar you spend.

Creating a Business Plan

The Business Doctor will help create a blueprint of marketing strategies for your company, but a crucial first step will be determining your current cash flow. We start with the amount of cash in your current bank account(s), then list anticipated inflows (including the amount and when it will be coming in). Next we list anticipated outflows, again including the amount and when it will be coming in. After putting this into a spreadsheet in chronological order, we can tell if you have a negative cash balance — a red flag — and can then map out how to repurpose funds for fruitful returns.

Business Help for Financial Projections

As your customized business coach, The Business Doctor works to predict your cash inflow so you can focus on big-picture strategies and vital initiatives for your company. But before we analyze financial projections, The Business Doctor first gets to know your company culture and financial history, detailing methods that have worked and have not.

Improve Company Morale

Mahwah is rife with small businesses — this is a boon for an affluent town’s economy, but too often these companies are understaffed and overworked. Think of me as your part-time or interim COO or CFO; I focus on mapping out the tactical steps and managing your internal operations, I work with you to leverage the talents and maximize the performance of your team, and I advise you on management best practices to support your business goals. This helps take stress of day-to-day tasks off your staff’s shoulders and lets them look ahead to long-term projects. See your Mahwah business bloom with the help of The Business Doctor — get in touch today!

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