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Expanding Your Company with a Business Coach in Ridgewood, NJ

Business consultant new jerseyRidgewood, New Jersey is a haven for small businesses: they dot Main Street in brick and mortar shops, and — increasingly — also operate virtually out of people’s homes or offices. But without a storefront to market them, how do these newer small businesses gain visibility and attract sales? The Business Doctor, your company’s custom-made business coach, can help promote your business and generate new leads.

Improving Work Culture

One of the biggest issues facing so many small businesses today is how overworked its staff is. Some have a staff of just two or three doing the work of ten employees. A business coach not only helps your company increase sales and navigate profit and loss but also betters employee morale by taking the stress of day-to-day marketing work off your shoulders so you can focus on big-picture strategies.

Creating an Employee Handbook

As business coach, I provide an outside, objective eye to analyze your company’s habits and track its strategies and successes. With this knowledge, I create a personalized business plan to steer your company and show how it will affect profit and loss.

Participating in Business Mentorship

While the employee handbook and business plan I generate and share is useful to help your small business grow, The Business Doctor also takes on a mentorship role: I am here to monitor progress, share data about how strategies are working, and provide key information about financial projections. As a business coach, I help propel Ridgewood businesses maximize their potential, generate new leads, and increase sales. The Business Doctor is a proud, women-led business with years of experience in coaching small companies and helping them succeed. Call today to set up an introductory meeting!

Ridgewood, NJ

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