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Using a Business Coach for Your Ringwood, NJ Company

Financial StatementsAll across New Jersey, small businesses are popping up, and Ringwood is no exception. Given the speed of the internet, these companies are sprouting and spreading like wildfire, but many, sadly, fall as quickly as they rise. Having a business coach with decades of experience who is a certified CPA can help your small and mid-sized company identify key problems, strategize around obstacles, and harness strengths so it can succeed. See below for a summary of some key services I provide!

Enacting a Business Plan

As your customized business coach, I provide services similar to those of a COO, including business plan development, marketing and sales strategy, product development, staffing, succession planning, and vendor, supplier, and partner development. After I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your company to date, we’ll work together so I can take on the daily grind while you look ahead to the ideas and campaigns you’ve always needed more time to complete.

Analyzing Profit and Loss

It’s no secret that your Ringwood company needs to turn a profit to stay afloat, but too many companies sink before they even make a dollar. My experiences and specialties in financial projections and reporting, budget planning, and improving cash flow are vital tools to help you and your company better understand its economic ecosystem.

Women-Led Businesses

More and more companies these days are run by powerful, entrepreneurial women — especially in New Jersey. As a woman with years of experience in the field, I also see myself as a mentor to those who need it, and a savvy dealer who will work with you to see your company generate new leads and increase sales. Curious about the perks of having a business coach? Call The Business Doctor now!

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