Speaking Engagements

Engaging your business with Beth Donalds

Beth Donalds says “I’ve heard it all!” As a business coach and consultant, she hears clients say things like "I know how to network,” "Networking doesn’t work in my business," and "I don’t have time to go to all those events." Hear how she counters these objections to help entrepreneurs attain their goals instead of avoid them!

Beth is available for Speaking Engagements specific to you and your business needs! Feel free to contact her to set up an event!

As the Business Doctor of North Jersey, Beth provides big business solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Equal parts CFO, marketing strategist and operations guru, Beth’s passion is working with Entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business and financial goals. Her philosophy is that every business owner has their own vision of success and she works with you to achieve that vision. She helps you quantify your financial goals, identify your barriers to growth, and implement your action plans to succeed.

Beth has 30+ years’ experience as a proven business partner, successful in shaping sales and marketing plans, improving day-to-day operations to drive growth and bottom-line results that increase your business value. Beth has a practical approach to problem solving and putting financial and operational fundamentals into practice in order to improve profits and achieve strategic goals.