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When my partner and I decided to open The Body Image Boutique of Saddle River, NJ, we knew we needed an expert in the detailed steps it takes to get a company up and running into a successful organization. Beth fulfilled that need and then some…she filled in all of the pieces we were missing and helped us to get started on the right foot. She has saved us thousands of dollars along the way too. She is very patient, and her knowledge in business processes, accounting and operations is extensive. We certainly couldn’t have done it without Beth!

Beth is amazing! She has helped me tremendously over the past three years in sorting out my business goals, marketing strategies, and revenue analysis. I finally feel like my business revolves around my life rather than my life revolving around my business. I highly recommend The Business Doctor of NJ. Thanks for everything, Beth!

Cam Turner, Cam Turner Design

After working ‘in my business’ and not ‘on my business’, I knew that it was time to call Beth Donalds. Within one year, Beth established an action plan for Hype to win more reoccurring revenue accounts, defined clear strategies to target my ideal clients, and created accountability metrics to make sure we stay on track. Beth is the COO that every small and growing businesses needs!

Sabrina McEntee, Hype Marketing Agency

Beth has put my “overwhelm” about money awareness, organization, and control to rest. I now know how to handle income, expenses and taxes with greater focus and clarity. She advises, guides and supports with respect and compassion and yet with a very clear and direct business acumen that is necessary and essential for every business owner. Having Beth as my private COO has helped make my practice an economically thriving business.

Beth helped us to clearly see and define our niche in the highly competitive world of IT. She asked the right questions to guide us in the process of reinventing our business, and provided the support we needed to morph from “just another IT company” to a technology solutions provider with expertise in micro and small business tech support and cybersecurity. Beth has offered suggestions and direction in every aspect of our business, and we appreciate her innovative approach to streamlining processes and helping us bring structure to what we do and how we do it. We would recommend her to anyone needing an honest assessment of their business and help in developing a strategy to make it succeed.

Costa & Felicia Halpert, Bergen IT LLC

Beth has an innate ability to identify key issues that need to be addressed and help turn ideas into reality. We have worked with her on a range of business challenges, including succession planning and setting long-range strategic goals. With her practical approach to problem-solving, she has guided us in overcoming roadblocks and making decisions based on reason, not emotion. Ours is a very personal business, and being able to rely on Beth’s expertise and unbiased professional advice has proven to be exactly what we need to set clear goals for ensuring our success today – and tomorrow.

Beverly and Seth Gopin, Metal and Stone

When we began working with Beth several years ago, we needed urgent help to re-structure our business and identify the areas we needed to improve. She quickly immersed herself in our business and worked with our management team to expand our thinking in ways we had not considered on our own. We have learned tools and strategies to improve the way the company is positioned in the marketplace and grow our client base. And her hands-on approach helped us narrow our focus and save time, energy and resources while keeping us on a productive path. As our business changes and evolves, we continue to rely on our quarterly check-ins with Beth to ensure we are staying on track, continuously evaluating our direction, and adapting our strategies as needed.

Alex Galeano, CAD Signs

Beth was an important mentor to me when I started my business, and several years later I tapped her expertise to help me formalize certain processes to save time and energy. I’ve gotten so much more than I bargained for! Not only have I learned and implemented systems to track income, expenses, and invoices, but she has taught me to think like a business owner. I now approach building my business from a proactive and tactical perspective, and no longer cringe about managing my financials. Beth generously shares her wealth of knowledge and keeps me focused on moving towards my vision of success. Working with her is also fun, and I feel fortunate to have her as a trusted guide on my business development journey.

Donna Gould, Open Heart Creative