When To Outsource Work

outsourcing graphicYou did it. You started your own business and you are killing it! If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you may gradually start to find that there aren’t enough hours in the day. You’re wearing too many hats, putting in way too many hours, and missing time with family or friends.

It may be time to take your next leap of faith: hiring outside help.

For many of my clients, the thought of outsourcing is a scary proposition. And for most entrepreneurs, handing off even the smallest tasks feels like a huge step. But the fact is that, at some point, growing your business will require partnering with other professionals in order to achieve your goals.

So how do you know when outsourcing work is the right move for your growing business?

While every business is different, there are common indicators that signify it is time to call in some outside help.

The 4 Telltale Signs that You Should Consider Outsourcing

  1. You’re spending all day handling administrative tasks instead of working on big-picture goals and objectives.
  2. You’ve stopped developing new ideas to stimulate business growth.
  3. Sales are flat.
  4. You’ve turned down sales because you don’t have the capacity or systems to handle increased demand.
Once you determine that outsourcing may offer a way to lighten your load, the next step is to figure out what work to delegate. Carve out some time to analyze what’s going well and where you could use help. Struggling to keep up with scheduling appointments or email? Maybe you need a virtual assistant. Are your finances a mess? Consider working with a bookkeeper.

5 Questions to Help Identify Areas Where You Could Benefit from Outsourcing

  1.  What work do you love doing?
  2. What tasks are you not good at?
  3. Where are the bottlenecks in your business?
  4. What tasks are the simplest to hand off to someone else?
  5. What’s stopping you from generating more sales?
I recommend starting slow. Hire an expert for a specific task with measurable results. This will allow you to monitor the outcomes and determine the financial sustainability of farming out this type of work. Don’t be surprised if successfully outsourcing one tough task makes you eager to offload more work.

Need an extra push to take that first step toward outsourcing? I’m here to support you.